Vaani Kapoor and Ranbir Singh’s Befikre released their official trailer a while ago and that had the Indians roaring with rage! Apparently the movie trailer shows nothing but shamelessness and nudity, their words. The current trends of showing too much skin, lots of make out scenes without the commitment drama is the same one followed here! The official soundtrack just got out and all that depicts is Ranbir and Vaani daring each other. Lots of stripping, getting slapped, dancing on rooftops and in the library. Yes folks, in the LIBRARY!!!
Apparently the songs depicts the movie’s theme, no fear, no drama, nothing to lose, nothing to hide,a carefree life and no worries at ALL. Ranbir got slapped 21 times in just one song, so if that’s your thing, here’s the video! Do let us know what you think?!