Rockstar Umair Jaswal in his recently launched web-series, he shares the chronicles of his journey narrating a monologue with the changing scenery. He is always been an avid biker. He says “It’s a bond that many of us can trace back to our childhoods when we sat on our very first bicycles. A bond that progresses over time,” he tells me. “There is an ultimate sense of freedom when you ride a two-wheeler.” Umair Jaswal in his new web-series Easypaisa Rahi  shares the chronicles of his passion for bike-riding in a video where he is fulfilling his dream to ride all over Pakistan.  It is three episodes series. Well the series is in English language, on which he says, ” Given the opportunity to film the series again, I would probably want to do it all in Urdu,” Umair says. “It can still be entirely dubbed in Urdu.”