After Veer Dee Wedding is banned in Pakistan due to having vulgar and bold content in it. The Veer Dee Wedding actress Sawra Bashkar speaks ill for Pakistan well it just makes her one attention seeking looser.In her recent talks with Rajeev Masand ( the famous film critic for CNN News18) Sawra Bhaskar was asked to share her thoughts about the ban on Veere Di Wedding in Pakistan. Bhaskar spewed her venom with anti Pakistani sentiments. “I don’t know why people think I’m a spokesperson for the Pakistani government,” she said. “What do you expect from a state that’s run by Sharia Laws?”she also added that Pakistan is a “failing state”.

Well no one in our Entertainment Industry has guts except Urwa Hocane to give her a shut up call. Urwa tweeted a number of tweets addressing her where she called her a failed Human being who is contradicting from her own words as she praised Pakistan in her visit 2015 as best place and as far as ban is concerned their own movie Padmavat is banned in India. Well we just love the way Urwa fought case on behalf of the Phenomenal Pakistan.