Mohsin Talat’s Dastaar e Anna is a story of a lady who is solid on her standards. Zebunissa is a spouse and a mother, she has a propensity to control everything.

The enduring story is penned by Amin Saqid and directed by Mohsin Talat, who is an outstanding storyteller along with these two masterminds the dynamic cast include Abid Ali, Uzma Gilani, Aisha Gul, Diya Mughal, Arsalan Faisal, Salman Saeed, Saniya Shamshad, Shamoon Abbasi, Kashif Mehmood, Faisal Rehman and a bunch of other phenomenal performers.

Dastaar e Anna describes the lifestyle of an arrogant woman who’s pride and ego is everything for her. The story is a sane characterization of people who wreck their life for power.

Uzma Gilani plays the role of a lady who is looking after a run-down estate. In the first episode, the strong character of Zaibunnisa has already made a mark amongst the audience. Abid Ali has a restrained character which is equally powerful as he plays the role of Zaibunisa ‘s husband. Uzma Gilani has a firm control on her role and will be a delight for the audience.

The first episode introduces the main characters with a dynamic approach. Kashif Mehbood has one strong character which is supporting Zaibunissa. Faisal Rehman is the only son of Zaibunissa. Faisal Rehman lives with his wife Aisha Gul (Riffat) and daughter ( Mahnoor) and faces the allegations of his mother due to his marriage against her will. Hashim Khan the son of Zaibunissa is proposed to come back to his estate and part ways with his wife and daughter only from the Haveli, which makes him confused, which audience will figure out in the upcoming episodes.

Do you think Hashim Khan listen to his heart and refuse Zaibunissa?

All in all Dastaar e Anna is a cluster of mysteries. Uzma Gilani’s execution will take the show without a doubt.

To uncover the thriller watch Dastaar e Anna every Friday 8 pm only on TvOne.