After the successful venture of Miss Veet, Veet Pakistan takes a step further by coming up with  Veet Academy with a mission of changing lives of Women in Pakistan. Yes Veet Academy comes up with something Big and promising calling all the girls of Pakistan to transform them into star! Veet Academy aspires to transform each and every girl into a confident, passionate and successful individual who is  all set to conquer the world by overcoming her fears and pursuing her dreams.

Veet  Academy aims  to transforms  the over all personality of each  and every girl completely.VA believes every girl should be confident , charming , intelligent, should have excellent communication skills  and a healthy lifestyle in order to be THE BEST! The Ravishing Mahira Khan who herself is the personification of all these skills  and qualities is carrying this campaign herself as being its ambassador. She is the new face of Veet Hamesha TVC.

Well practically speaking, Veet Academy is working on its mission of transforming lives of girls via three critical medium. Firstly its on ground, Veet Academy is reaching 1 million girls through schools and colleges. Second medium is digital where VA is interacting with millions of girls  through posts on Facebook and thirdly is the annual event that is Miss Veet Pakistan.

So Brace up yourselves girls! Veet Academy is coming to you! promising to transform every girl into a shining star. Well VA aspires to bring out the star in you, all you need to do is Be Confident, Be Charming, Be intelligent, Be a great communicator, Be fit and healthy and  Be the Best! VA ensures you to make you a Star!