Well we people are certainly the most confused generation as we make heroes out of nothing and glorify them for no reason, Qandeel Balouch is one such example his brutal murder cannot be justified by any means and she has been wronged. However attaching the icon of women empowerment with her certainly makes no sense. Waqar Zaka comes up and speak about this matter, he shared his views in a status on his Facebook where he says that although he was closely associated with Qandeel but there is nothing to glorify her as a hero or symbol of women empowerment as she did nothing in this respect all she did was to upload porn videos and sell her body. He clears that he believed that she was wronged and he is against his brutal murder but glorifying her makes no sense.

“Today every girl is posting about how excited they are for her serial and talking about women empowerment. I mean when she was alive did you ever write a status saying we love Qandeel’s work!”questions Waqar.