Both the  films  has fully capitalized on the five days extended holiday by running to near packed capacity at theaters all across the country. Wrong no. 2 starring Sami Khan and Neelam Muneer  hauled in 11.05 Crores over the five-day festive period, according to official figures released by Geo Films, whereas Wajahat Rauf’s Chhalawa managed a business of 11.12 Crores (officially) over the same period. The films’ aggregate figures broke the 20 Crores threshold, which will be a first for an Eid-ul-Fitr release period in the country. While these two films opened to quite favorable occupancies on the first day of Eid, their collections saw a major upswing on the second day of Eid. The films were able to sustain their business over the coming days, with the collections only climbing down from their hyper-elevated Eid levels during the evening and night shows on Sunday. Exhibitor Nadeem Mandviwalla who runs the ME Cinemas chain, said “Both the films saw 95% occupancies over the first four days, with Wrong No. 2 having a bit of an edge over Chhalawa in Karachi. Both films are doing equally well in Islamabad.”