With so much hype created as Pakistan’s most expensive movie, unfortunately the movie did not turned as it was expected. In fact movies cannot cover its expense budgets too. Yalghaar was released in 60 countries and into 8 languages. The international turn out is even more depressing than Pakistan’s. Initially in Pakistan, the first week was good as was released on Eid tul Fitar but the second week was bad and third the worst. It seems movie gonna end in cinemas soon.


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According to Box office Yalghaar’s earnings in Pakistan

Week One (11 Days): 13.75 Cr

Week Two: Approx 1.9 Cr

3rd Weekend: Approx 30 lacs

Total: 15.95 Cr

International Earnings were

USA: 66 lacs

UK: 60 lacs

Norway: 5 lacs

Australia: 15 lacs

UAE: Approx 1.25 Cr

It is quite sad as we are hoping that this movie gonna help in elevating the status of our cinema 🙁