The Bubbly Pakistani  actress Zara Noor Abbas has revealed that her close friend the gorgeous Sajal Ali had played a key role in her marriage with husband Asad Siddiqui. In her recent  talks at web  show of Iffat Umar and  she shed some light on  her personal life, marriage with Asad and about her mother Asma Abbas’s battle with cancer. In that interview Zara  revealed that besides her  beloved aunt Bushra Ansari, her close friend Sajal Ali, Asim Azhar and Yasir Hussain played  a very important role in her marriage with Asad Siddiqui. Zara recalls that she first met Asad at the sets of Takkay Ki Aayegi Baraat when she goes there to meet her aunt but then after seven years when she met her again their marriage finalized within five to six weeks.  Zara and Asad got married in 2017.