Ahad Raza Mir has gained stardom in a very short span of time, having acting skills in his genes, like father like son. Ahad Raza Mir seems an emerging promising actor. In his recent interview with Fifi Haroon, Ahad said “My vital years were spent in Canada and after moving here I feel I am very lucky that I got so much. But the adjustments I had to make were about life, like getting used to the weather, the way people worked and their punctuality here,”

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Ahad further added,”Here you need to have connections, your looks matter, how many followers you have etc. Talent, I feel, comes right at the end and sadly I feel Pakistan has more celebrities and less actors.” With his upcoming project Parwaaz Hai Junoon hopefully releasing this year where we will see him as an Air Force officer. Moreover Ahad is also working for his upcoming drama Aangan!