Well another double episode of Balaa went on air yesterday, these episodes are all about Nigaar’s evil planning and she has been successful in brain washing Taimur’s mind. The story revolves around plotting and helplessness of few people whose lives are being controlled by a mean girl. Nigaar is such a detestable character that she making  other lives of people a hell! She cannot see any one happy or in other words she cannot bear that her husband loves his mother and sister, Nigaar has planned that she will ruin their images in Taimur’s eyes and she has succeeded!


Nigaar has created a whole scene by wrongly accusing the maid for stealing and then starts cleaning by herself while Taimur’s mother and sister is continuously stopping her from doing that. Later Nigaar involve her father in that drama too to create a even more bigger scene. Nigaar’s father tell Doctor fake stories that Nigaar’s mother in law makes her so all cleaning in that condition and he  further requested the Doctor to recommend her complete bed rest in front of Taimur. The Doctor agrees. She insults Taimur on badly treating her wife in such condition.



Taimur is very furious on this insult and that the fact that her mother has made her wife work in such condition. He for the first time in his life yelled at his mother! All his words are scarring her soul and the wound is deeper than the wound he got in his hands and which has not moved Taimur a bit. Yes Nigaar is successful in Taimur’s brainwashing that his whole attitude has changed!

Moreover Nigaar has not stopped here now she is after Batool, she is stupid enough that she has shared all her secrets with her bhabi and  so much so that she has also shared that she meets Hamza more often, she has even mentions the cafe where she meets nearby her college. Nigaar plots against her as well asked her to meet Hamza and pressurize him to send the proposal. However Nigaar has some deadly plans in her mind she asks Taimur to bring sandwiches for her from that same Cafe. Taimur goes there and sees Batool with Hamza in his car eating sandwiches, he did what any brother could do after finding his sister like that! He is being violent and is about to beat her but Taimur’s mother defended her well  but she know she and her daughters are now very helpless.  Taimur is resolute that he will marry off Batool to Junaid.