Each person of that glorious 90’s era died it gives us the feeling that a part of our childhood has taken.  So a lady who has entertained us through out our childhood through her signature character Bilbatouri is no more in this world. Nusrat Ara died this Saturday on 14th Oct 2017. She had been paralyzed since last year. The actress’s health had been deteriorating  and she was shifted to the hospital earlier today in a critical condition, where she died a death of helplessness and misery. Actress earlier show expressed her grief that she was even redcued to beg at Data Darbar shrine.

“Is it not cruel that after four decades of serving the Pakistani entertainment industry, I don’t have a roof over my head and the government is not even bothered about that?” once said the deceased actress. Aahhh once she was a star and a great entertainer and its so heart breaking to know that they are not acknowledged and are not treated well in their old age. 🙁