Pakistani origin Britain based actress Zoha Rahman is playing the first ever Hijabi character is Marvel movie’s blockbuster Spiderman; Far from home. Zoha plays the role of peter parker’s hijaab wielding Muslim friend in the movie. Zoha  believes that Muslim identity is used as an agenda in the  western media. After the release of the first trailer of the movie, the fans were quick to spot a new hijabi character first time ever introduced in any Marvel Movies. Usually in the Hollywood movies, Muslims are always shown as radical and stereotyped  villains from  the middle eastern countries. However this time its different it is a character so close shown as peter parker’s friend, wearing hijaab.

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This is the hardest, and by far the best secret I’ve ever had to keep. . . When I was asked if I was happy to wear a hijab for this role I basically jumped into it, full force, sent selfies in a dupatta as a hijab straight away to the casting director. . . You see, I was a little brown girl who watched movies and adverts and tv shows and cartoons and billboards but never saw herself. So this was a private little mission, to see myself where little brown girls didn’t belong. And as this grew, I realised how selfish I had been to think I was the only one thinking and feeling and hoping the way I was. So this one’s for all of us little brown girls, all of us little girls, all of us little boys, all of us changing the stories we tell from now on ✨ . . 📸 PC @remyhii 📸

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