After being slut shammed, being accused of what not on the viral pictures with Ranbir Kapoor,the powerful darling of our industry Mahira Khan is back on her social media  sites with all positive vibes. She replied or responded nothing about her viral pictures controversies nor she expressed anything in a typical long status which usually celebrities do after facing cyber bullies. Stay cool, calm and quite is the style of our Queen. Why should she said when she got all the support and back of almost everyone from the Film Fraternity.

Mahira in a very cute manner made her entry yesterday when some fan tweeted ” K aab aa b jao” she surprised everyone by quoting her reply “aagaee:)” with a cute smile. Awww we love you Mahira<3 later she tweeted Verna’s first teaser amazing us all with her intense and brilliant performance. She also posted the teaser on her Instagram account. Welcome Back Sweetheart <3