Dil Mom Ka Diya  Episode 26  is reflecting that Karma is now eventually hitting hard to Ulfaat . The play is very brilliantly scripted by Saira Raza and well directed by Shahid Shafaat. Neelum Munir has done a memorable role as a beautiful witch, the story proceeds when Tamkinat is facing a rael hard time just because of Ulfaat. Despite knowing her kind nature whole family members including Afzal and Azhar  do not want to talk about Tamkinat, moreover Azhar tries to divorce her too. Tamkinat has moved to Hyderabad.

Afzal’s second wife is the kind of  woman  what Afzal truly deserves , she is submissive and very obedient but  Afzal has turned into a really bitter person, he is giving him real hard time including that weirdo Akmal who never talks with him in sane tone. Fatima cares for Afzal’s children really well. However still Afzal is being hard but eventually he is realizing his mistake and his attitude is getting better with her now.

Ulfat gets what she actually deserves, she is tasting her own medicine. The only desirable quality in her second husband is that he is good looking and young otherwise he has no match with Afzal in class, status and manner. He is a loafer who is also eyeing on Ulfaat’s money  and he treats Ulfat the way she deserves. Ulfat is feeling the difference between Afzal and Tipu. Tipu is teasing her being a divorcee and older than him, he is actually doing what she used to do with Afzal.

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Tamkinat’s sister is really concerned for her as Azhar has moved to Dubai and he has never contacted Tamkinat. Tamkinat  tries to calm down her sister but she visits Karachi for trying her best for reconciliation. Tamkinat cannot stand all this she tries to take her life. Poor Tamkinat is forced to live alone such vulnerable society where every knock at the door scares the hell out of her. Azhar is being too cruel to her!