Another double episodes of  Dil Mom Ka Diya went on air yesterday, the classy play has turned quite depressive now as Afzal has divorced Ulfat and the whole family is traumatized by the whole situation. Akmal being the youngest is very aggressive about this and he is extremely disturbed. He asks Azhar that will he going to bring Tamkinat in this house who is sister of Ulfat, the witch who has doomed us all. Azhar assures him that he will not bring Tamkinat in the house.

Kausar speaks up for the rights of Tamkinat but no body is considering her opinion including Afzal, well it seems so unfair that they are punishing Tamkinat just because she is Ulfat’s cousin! They all know very well that Tamkinat is not like Ulfat but still they all are against her except Kausar. On the other hand Tamkinat is trying her best to convince Azhar but Azhar has blocked her number from the phone and not even ready to talk on this topic with any other person.

Ulfat on the other hand is extremely happy to get freedom and  also on getting suffice money and jewellery as she is extremely greedy. She has no feelings for Afzal and her children but she still istrying to get her kids just because she wants to hurt Afzal. Ulfat has very conveniently ruined so many lives and  has no sense of shame. She only have some feelings for his son and she gets worried when she get to know that Asad’s hands have been burnt.

Kausar plans Tamkinat and Azhar meeting but it just ends up into a huge failure as Azhar is not ready  to change his decision, Tamkinat literally pleads him not to leave her but he do not listen anything, he ended up saying that he has freed her. Well what does it mean has he divorced her? Despite of Kausar’s strong reaction and snubbing Azhar is resolute that he will leave Tamkinat.