Dil Mom Ka Diya is undoubtedly one of the finest drama running these days  on TV, last night two of its latest episodes got on aired. The story is beautifully written and it revolves around Siblings love.Ulfat has emerged even more vile and selfish in this play when she is not even sparing harmless and caring person like Kausar. She has tried her best to create problems in way of her wedding but fortunately  Kausar wedding takes place successfully. Ulfat is so insensitive and cruel that she even attacked Kausar’s self esteem, by making her feel low that she is not good looking and she wonders how come she finds such a handsome and well off guy.

Whereas Tamkinat unlike Ulfat behaves so sensible and wise and she brushes off all negative thoughts and complexes from Kausar’s mind and makes her feel good saying that she is good looking and she further tells her that the boy himself likes her and selected her, it is not solely her mother’s choice. Poor Kausar who is super tensed by all Ulfat’s remarks now feels all good and relaxed. Tamiknat treats Kausar as her younger sister and friend unlike Ulfat who always look down at her and behaves very rudely with her.

Afzal on the other side is trying hard to balance with his siblings and Ulfat, and when he learn about Ulfat’s remarks for Kausar, he is super furious and schools her and accidentally not intentionally pushes her  and Ulfat falls. Ulfat is expecting so her condition gets worse but luckily baby and mother both are saved. Ulfaat insults all Afzal’s family members who visited her and tell them to get out of the room. Salma’s husband is super angry on this insult!

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#DilMomKaDiya is a surprisingly great drama to watch! (Thanku @amiramkhan for the recommendation or was it my friend @saima7303? ♥️😊) The character played by @neelammuneerkhan is so well etched out as is her hubby’s played by @itsyasirnawaz ke it’s a delight to watch. Not to mention one of my favs @imranashrafawan as the dewar. Do see this- the way the hubby balances his love and support for the wife and family is exemplary👏🏼👏🏼 . The entire cast does a great job- incuding @erum.akhtar @zubiimajeedofficial @hassamkhaan as Yasir Nawaz’s siblings. Written by #SairaRaza and directed by #ShahidShafaat. Produced by #humayunsaeed #sanashahnawaz #saminahumayunsaeed #shahzadnasib . . #arydigital @arydigital.tv #yasirnawaz #imranashraf #neelummuneer #hiramani @hiramaniofficial #nidamumtaz #zulekhamajeed #alizayshah #erumakhtar #hassamkhan @sanashahnawaz @saminahumayunsaeed @saeedhumayun #nextlevelentertainnent @nextlevelentertainment.pk #pakistanistars #pakistaniactors #pakistanicelebrities #pakistanimovieindustry #pakistantelevision #pakistanidrama

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Afzal very beautifully balances all between his siblings and wife, despite Ulfat’s diapproval he named her daughter the name Salma suggested and tricked Ulfat by saying that it is decided  by calculation of birth date. Afzal is selling his house for Kausar’s wedding and after her wedding he is ready for shifting when Ulfat tells her that he don’t want Akmal and Azhar to live with them which deeply upsets Afzal but then by doing some melodrama she is successful in making him agree for separate portions.