Faiza Saleem, the social media influencer, has started a new web-series in collaboration with Chef Saadat ‘Faiza Learns To Cook With Chef Saadat’. This is going to be a weekly online cooking show in web series which features quick recipes as well as some friendly light conversation between Chef Saadat and Faiza Saleem. Faiza shares about her experience, “Faiza Learns To Cook With Chef Saadat is for everyone who struggles in the kitchen but still wants to try their luck at cooking. The idea came when the chef and I met during a recent digital video campaign. That’s where we thought of collaborating. We came up with the idea of making cooking easy for the younger audience especially those who have to constantly juggle between work and cooking. We’re also hoping to make Ramzan cooking a little more fun and easier. I am extremely excited for this show to be released. It’s very close to home. Literally, because I actually make recipes by famous chefs at home and my family LOVES each one. I started off as an average cook but now everyone thinks I’m a magician in the kitchen.”