Well it seems like Hamza Ali Abbasi’s attempt of bringing religious references to justify Yasir and Iqra Aziz’s public display of love, their embrace and kisses, is not much liked by some celebrities. We have seen that Veena Malik has wrote a series of tweets to school Hamza Ali Abbasi telling him that haram cannot be labelled as Halal and there is nothing to do haram before Halal. This time Dil Kya Karay and Khaani star Feroze Khan speaks up requesting him not to bring religion in such matters, he tweeted quoting Hamza Ali Abbasi’s tweet saying that “You crack me up big time sometime ! I just can’t let go of this one. Let’s not bring Islam, Allah and Rusool(SAW) into this please again please. huge respect! Peace.” wrote Feroze Khan.