Ghar Titli Ka Par one of the most popular drama serial in the running ended last night. The play is one of most engaging ones and it is on the top trending. The story is well written by Samra Bukhari and greatly directed by  Mohsin Talat. The end of the drama is what we all wanted to watch, it is an end where good ones are rewarded and bad ones are punished. Yes Poetic Justice has been served well. Shafaq is finally been able to save her home because she is sincere and loyal to Azaar whereas Anjee she is paying for all her sins.

Azaar as soon as he gets to know the reality of Anjee he shuns her. He goes at Shafaq’s place where Shafaq’s brother further tells him that he was too honey trapped by Anjee once so he can understand how cleverly she tries to capture everything, Azaar goes to Shafaq to seek her forgiveness but Shafaq is not ready to accept him. However, after giving birth to a baby girl she realizes that she cannot snatch father’s love from her daughter, so she forgives him and in return she is blessed with a loving husband and kids, and  true marital bliss.


Whereas in contrast Anjee was already blessed with a caring husband and beautiful kids but she does not care for them, she destroys everything for satisfying her greed and for that she has also crossed religious, ethical and social values. She is not loyal to her husband and family so in return what she gets is insult, homelessness and bad name. No one respects her, she is living like a servant at her brothers house. Even her own kids don’t know about her and they do not want to meet her.

The ending scene where Aftab’s second wife and Anjee is  talking is an intense scene. Anjee confesses that she has brought all miseries to her own self. She is the one who has ruined her blessed home. Now she is alone, empty handed and ruined. Anjee was looking like ragged witch in such a shabby condition all her style, attitude everything has gone. The message which the play conveys is that home is as feeble,as delicate as butterfly’s wing , it can be broken by your selfishness and insensitivity or you can nurture it with your care and love, choice is yours! Be like Shafaq who no matter what hardships and up and downs she faced in her marital life was loyal and sincere so eventually she is blessed where as Anjee was blessed with everything but she ruined all with her own hands.