There has been a multiple degree rise in temperature for Greek islands ever since Nargis started her holidays which subsequently help rising the online mercury in online world

Nargis Fakhri who was busy promoting her films in the first half of this year… She is now totally enjoying her vacations in Greece and making us all dreaming for her 😛


We can feel the hawtness in Greece #NargisFakhri's Bikinis love going viral ❤️

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There is a heat wave going on internet since Nargis Fakhri has started her Greek Holidays.

Just have a look at her!

How confidently she is flaunting her curves which even Aphrodite has a lust for.

we are sure the that Zeus and Poseidon must have come down from Olympus and Hades must have a reason to escape the underworld



I think Udhay Chopra must be regretting 😉