Cyberbulling is one of the most common issue affecting the lives of millions of net users. It is fact that every person has experienced or been victim of cyber bullying and harassment. Actress Humaima spoke out on this issue,

“I have been facing cyber bullying since the past 4 months. Not talking about these issues would someday completely silence the voice of the harassed. It is about time that we all stand up, fight against these forms of violence,” say Humaima.


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She further added ‘I have been receiving threats for the past 4 months and it’s time that such harassers get called out openly in public!’ Humaima feels that its an artist responsiblity to bring out these issues in public “If we don’t stand up now, then who will? Being a human, I’m aware of my responsibilities to myself, to my society and industry as an artist, and to my family as a daughter. I will not stay silent anymore!” explains Humaima about the issue. She is kooking forward to hear more about it on her social media forums. Bravo Humaima some one has to come forward and speak against it

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