The very exciting new episode 23 of Ishq Tamasha on airs yesterday and the play has shown some twists and turns. The story is well written by Misbah Noureen and direction is also brilliant by Danish Nawaz. The cast has given their best of performances. The episode begins when Mirha meets Rushna and Rushna same like her mother put all blames on her but Mirha  backfires and it seems like Rushna is bit touched by what Mirha said to her and that she is missing the good old days when they used to be good friends.

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Palwasha meets Ghufraan secretly and it seems like she is planning on something.  Well Mehraab calls Mirha for asking her the reason of declining her job offer, Mirha says that she is not his responsibility anymore. Another strange thing is that Mehraab shares with her that he said he will kill Rushna the way she makes his brother die, is he means that he literally gonna kill her or he meant metaphorically ? Well then the following scene where Rushna was in dark when electricity went off gives one creepy scene as it makes it feel like Rushna gonna die.

Wahaaj is portrayed as a person who has no  sense of judgment and his views keeps on changing, at one moment he is doubting Mirha’s character and the other moment he is all set to marry her. The other night he taunts her so badly and does not even cares that he has broken her heart and then the other day he takes her for a romantic dine out  and is planning for future life. Well when Mirha refuses to marry him, his mood over all changed and he again starting taunting her ruthlessly. Well Mirha did the right thing Wahaaj don’t deserve Mirha as he himself still don’t respect her fully.

Palwasha is again doing what Rushna did and once again like Rushna she is using Mirha and she elopes from the house with Mirha which Mirha does not know, she later came to know and got really tensed but Palwasha ensures her that she will be back home and that no one will blame her. However things were not like what Palwasha promised she is not back home till evening and Mirha is super tensed. And she is rightly tensed because Chachi Jan will blame her in any case, she will not realize that it is her own daughter’s fault. Well lets see what will happen in the next episode.