Episode 27 of Ishq Tamasha on aired yesterday on Hum Tv, the play has turning more towards tragic events. The story and the sequence of events are well arranged by the writer  Misbah Noureen and the play is well directed by Danish Nawaz.The episode begins  when Poor broken Wahaaj leaves for Dubai but before leaving he left flowers and a heart touching good bye note for Mirha, which says that he is admitting that Mirha don’t deserve him. The scene in which Mirha is reading the note and both Wahaaj and Mirha is crying is such heart breaking scene.

Palwasha is now fed up from her mother’s annoying attitude towards rest of her family. She is not letting her marry her cousin Ghufraan because of her ego issues although he is her sister’s son and Aqeela has a hand in Mirha’s leaving the house, she has also thrown Rushna out of the house and now Wahaaj has left for Dubai too, Palwasha is suffering because of her mother so she got all good reasons to show cold attitude to her mother.

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Mehraab finally gets the address of Mirha’s work place and he goes straight there to meet her. When Mirha and Mehraab eyes first meet each other they keep on gazing for a while it all says that there is something between them, their bond is strong although their relationship has no name. But it is Mirha she just cannot carried away by her emotions, she is girls of values. She cannot develop a relationship with a married man and also when he is husband of her cousin Rushna. Mirha clearly tells Mehraab that she do not want to keep any relationship with him and that he should keep any hopes. Mehraab replies that he do not care what she thinks of him, he cannot let her play with her life like that. Again it all reflects their strange yet very strong nameless bond.

Rushna’s heath is getting worse day by day she is now having serious health threats but Mehraab is not giving any damn. Only the servant lady Sabira is worried for her and she is trying her best to take care of her. She is have no knowledge about medicines, she as per her understanding gives Rushna a medicine which could be extremely dangerous and it seems like Rushna is getting addicted to that medicine. She towards the end of the episode gulps handful tablets of that medicine when Sabira is away. Poor Rushna has no one on her side no friend no sister or mother except Sabira. Do watch the next episode to see what happens next.