HUM TV on aired last episode of the most popular drama serial and it makes us sad too as we really going to miss all characters of Ishq Tamasha. The ending is a perfect blend of happy and sad ending, union and separation. The credit for penning down such an incredible script goes to the writer Misbah Noureen and to the director Danish Nawaz for brilliantly executing it!  Well we may say that poetic justice is served well in the play, where good souls are blessed with rewards and people who have wronged others are punished for their sins.

Well it is a very harsh ending for Rushna as she got no one on her side. She gulps the wrong medicine and take over dose of it. The news of her being hospitalized has not touched her egoistic mother at all! despite Palwasha ‘s requests of paying visit to her she has not shown any concern. It is shown that Rushna sees Arham vision and begs him to take her with him and he embraces her when in real he is holding the hands of Mehraab.

The bond between Mirha and Rushna is shown so strong that Rushna is badly missing Mirha, and Mirha also have a dream where she saw Rushna dying, she cries badly on it. When Rushna’s death news comes to her family, Aqeela Begum was shocked and she soon realized that she is responsible for all this. Rushna’s death has changed her. Aqeela pleads her sister to let her son Gufraan marry her daughter Palwasha and her sister agreed on it. So yes it is a happy ending for both of them. Well the saddest part is that Mirha and Rushna do not meet and Rushna dies without saying anything to Mirha. It is a sad ending for Wahaaj too as we see that they have a break up in last episode.

Mirha gets Rushna’s death news later after few days and she cried badly on it. She visits her Chachi Jaan place where she and Chachi Jaan cried a lot together and Chachi Jaan asked her to forgive her for all what she has done with her. Mirha generously forgives her by saying that she think her as her mother. Well the last scene is one of our favorite as we see that Mehraab proposes Mirha and Mirha smiles on it, it seems so sweet that he makes a flower ring and puts it on her finger. It was just a kind of end we all desire to watch.