Well we all cherish the sweet memories of good old 90’s and 2000’s era for its glorious music scene. Pakistan is blessed with gifted singers, musicians, and our music is richer with diversity, and Coke Studio just acknowledges it. It is has been now decade Coke Studio is celebrating Pakistani music and tributes the legends. Coke Studio has played a very a prominent role in shaping the music scene of Pakistan.Whereas  a gush of fresh raw talent is been witnessed in the Pepsi Battle of the Bands. In short Pakistani music scene is full on these days. Woww Cheers !

Unfortunately there are some people who criticize just for the sake of criticizing, they instead of appreciating anything are always after pointing out the negative aspects which is wrong for the artists and for the whole music scene, such criticism may hamper the morale of the artists and the team who work devotedly on each and every track. It is simply unfair to draw whimsical comparisons between Coke Studio and Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Both shows doing great  and have totally different format.

Coke Studio takes great pride in celebrating music and paying tributes to  the legends of Pakistani music. It has now developed as an institution, entertaining people for 10 years. The glorious journey of Coke Studio’s 10 seasons and the wonders they have created by experimenting in music and  through cool fusions of folk and pop and rock music. Coke studio just celebrates all this with Pride. More than 20 countries have started following the format of CokeStudio 10. Whereas Pepsi Battle of the Bands is a show which provides a platform for new emerging bands to explore themselves and let them grow and rock!

Be it CokeStudio 10 or Pepsi Battle of the Bands, it is the celebration of music  and talent! We have to appreciate and enjoy it whole heartily instead of throwing negative comments. Lets take pride in what we are gifted with! Lets Celebrate Pakistani Music!