The year 2001 changed the Pakistani Fashion Industry in the most colorful way when an extremely talented designer stepped into the glittering limelight. You know who are we talking about? Nomi Ansari of course!

With his sense of style and his love of colors reflected in his clothing, he took the people of Pakistan by storm and it was soon apparent to everyone that this man was here to stay! Experimenting with a wide variety of colors, his style can only be described as Fun and Funky and the brides love to wear his clothes in their Mehndi and Mayu functions. With all the love he was receiving, he soon launched a Pret line which is a huge success today and his collections are available not only in Pakistan but Dubai and Singapore as well!


We here at Tweetistan love his clothing and of course want to show you why! Check out his designs below and tell us what you think in the comments down below!