The much-anticipated and much hyped movie “Motorcycle Girl” featuring Sohai Ali Abro in the lead role with Ali Kazmi, Sarmad Khoosat, Samina Peerzada and Shamim Hilali making up the supporting cast, the film is written and directed by Adnan Sarwar and produced by Excellency films, Jami and Logos films, after the successful release of “Urr Chalay”, the makers of Motorcycle girl  has released their second song from the movie, Pahiya.Pahita is sung by Faiza Mujahid, the song is written and composed by Adnan Sarwar, Pahiya is a track which encourages you to chase your dreams without considering the hurdles that come your way. It gives you the power to stay strong. The song is an upbeat and enthusiastic number, which is  produced by Sherry Khattak and mixed by Xulfi.