Well gone are the days when you were deprived of keeping long hair just because they were not healthy and you were left with no other choice but to cut the length. Well now you don’t have to wait for an year to get back the length Sunsilk promises long and Healthy hair in just three months!

The leading hair band of Pakistan has launched the new range of Shampoo and Conditioner which contains Biotin with beautiful floral scent which makes your hair healthy from tip to root. The other name of Biotin is Vitamin B7, it is derived from the Greek word Biotos which life. Biotin is an essential element for hair growth as it is actually the deficiency of Biotins which causes dryness of scalp, dandruff and hair loss.

Sunsilk’s Long and Healthy promises to grow 4 centimeters in 3 months. The Sunsilk TVC is just the apt as Wedding season is near and the target audience is all those girls who are worried about their unhealthy hair and wants long lovely hair for the occasion. Sunsilk Long and Healthy is a solutions of all girl’s hair problem as it guarantees long as well as healthy hair so girls can proudly flaunt their hair and feel like a princess.

According to Scalp expert Dr Fransesca Frusco,
“When you have hair on your side you feel good, because you look good. It contributes to you as a person, from the moment you go to bed”. So girls try Sunsilk Long and healthy with Biotins which will makes your hair long, healthy and beautiful! you will feel as if you are wearing a beauty crown.