Well India is high on war passion, despite of Pakistan’s efforts of promoting peace in the region, India is after war and today once again Indian Army has invaded in our territory with their two jet fighters but they were successfully shot down by Pakistan Air Force Shaheens and Now PM adress to Nation clearly conveys to India and the world a message of Peace #SayNoToWar  is trending  on both of the sides of Twitters. PM speech is one of the finest which is suggesting India to come for dialogues , he sais Pakistan is in defensive mode and retaliated because Indian jets invades in their territory and he also reminds India that remember what will war results with the weapons the both countries have and he also gives the reference of past world wars that started on miscalculations and ended in years with nothing but destruction. ” Better sense should prevail ” was the words of Prime Minister Islamic Repulic of Pakistan Imran Khan . Pakistani celebrities show solidarity with their Nation and forces.

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Pakistan AirForce Zindabad 🇵🇰

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