Don’t take it too far:

Whether it’s spending money or time, just know when to stop. Going over board wont help, getting the latest gadgets and retouching a photo until it looks nothing like the original one! Nothing, I repeat, nothing equals to the skillset you have! So focus on improving your skill, rather than investing thousands of rupees on a new lens.


What’s your forte:

Find out your forte, and stick to it! Having a specialty gives you a direction and narrows down the field to improvement and excelling your skills. Don’t go for things you have no interest in, it only makes photography feel like a task rather than an art you enjoy. Find out things that inspire you and make them your specialty.


The Golden hours:

What’s that you ask me? Bright sunlight? Naah, these are the magic ones at dawn and sundown that give you the best shot! Not only do these hours give you incredible shots but also make your subject looked flattering and gorgeous. The bright mid-day sun which people are so fond of, to capture moments, causes harsh shadows and lots of squinting!


Rule of thirds:

Keep this rulehandy, ALWAYS! Your subject should take only one third of the frame. First learn to keep the subject on one side, be it left, right or in the middle and then work around it.. Your photographs will turn out so much better after this!


Decide for yourself:

Although letting the camera decide what your focus would be is kinda the obvious choice, but you know better, no? Make it a habit to pick out the focal point yourself. Trust me this tip would go a long way in helping you take awesome pictures. See that glimmer in your subject’s eyes? That should be the focal point not the third button of her dress..


Go Manual:

Why not? Decide for yourself, try out different combinations, play with the ISO, Shutter and Aperture setting and see which one brings out the best of your photograph.


One F-Stop for each person:

If your taking a group photo, as a general rule, have one focal ratio for each person in the photo. This rule of thumb helps you remember the right number of F-stops in case you’ve recently gone manual.

Remember it might seem hard at first to get the rules for the exposure triangle right at first, but its never impossible.


Stay at 1/160:

If you wan to keep the pin sharp shots you have, don’t set your shutter speed any lower than 1/160, especial when your subjects are not still. Especially while shooting children or animals.


Get Down and dirty:

It’s a rule set in stone, unless you give something, you don’t get anything. So get down on your knees or even lie down on the floor if gets you the right angle and shot. Get on their level, up close and personal with your subjects and you’ll get the best shots! Just kidding, don’t get personal with your clients :p



This is not a tip, we all know the significance of light when it comes to photography, the trick is to use lights and angles in your favor, turn your subjects face towards the lights to emphasize on those cheek bones. Let those eyes crinkle and shine!


It’s okay to take inspiration form other sources; people and sites, just don’t steal ideas though. Remember only you have the creativity to bring your imagination to life! Stay safe and don’t do anything drastically dangerous, however tempting it may be. Enjoy your photography, its an Art, its love!


What do you think about these tips? Which ones are you planning to implement first? If you have any other tips you’d like to share please feel free to comment and share!