Well Mahira is doing the character of Mukho in The Legend of Maula Jatt and for that Mahira had to speak Punjabi fluently and it is Hamza Ali Abbassi who made sure she carry the accent well. “It’s like a French girl speaking Punjabi, I used to go there and say I’m doing a foreign-language film. I have to say I was very nervous and I told Hamza I couldn’t do it, but he convinced me by promising to tutor me.” said the actress. She further added, “And he lived up to that, he would come on Verna’s set and sit with me for hours, and so we prepared this one, long scene, which was also my first and everybody was expecting I’d mess up, but the first take went amazing. And I got all over-confident after that, so I never sat down with him again, but Hamza really kept at it. He’d come to the sets of Maula, even when he didn’t have scenes.”

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🔚scene. Oh and Hamza thinks he's pouting!

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