Yesterday When Meesha Shafi shocked the world with her tweet revealing that Ali Zafar has sexually harassed her twice, that tweet spread like a fire and it has shocked us all who was not expecting something of this kind from Ali Zafar!  Ali Zafar after two or three hours uploaded his best possible reply.

After the responses on the tweet we get to know that it is not Just Meesha Shafi who is accusing him but there are numerous victims who shared their #MeTooStory with Ali Zafar and they have been vicimtized by him unfortunately.

A Blogger too shared her own experience with Ali Zafar.

Another lady Maham shares her cousin’s experience

Another person comes up with another shocking story

After all such stories now who will come to watch his movie Teefa in Trouble ? Well Ali Zafar is now in real trouble and Thanks to all ladies who has mustered the courage to speak the truth, their silence can victimize further girls.