Well the movie has already captured audience’s attention through its splendid trailer and catchy music and the film is much hyped one but soon after the release of the movie on 20th July 2018 the film is making huge business.

Teefa in Trouble is produced and co-written by Ali Zafar, whereas the other writers include Ahsan Rahim and Danyal Zafar. It is Ahsan Rahim’s debut film as Director. Ahsan Rahim is a veteran director who need no introduction he has been in the industry for 20 years and he is the one who gave Ali Zafar the breakthrough. Ali Zafar always respect him and has a special place for Ahsan in his heart. Ahsan Rahim has proved himself as one of the finest and ace directors of our industry.

Teefa In Trouble features Ali Zafar and Maya Ali in lead roles whereas Javed Shaikh, Mehmood Aslam, Faisal Qureshi, Nayyar Ejaz, Fia, Marhoom Ahmad Bilal, Asma Abbas, Simi Raheel, Tom Coulston and Mah-e-Nur Haider appeared in supporting roles.

Well it was indeed a risky bet to have a movie directed by someone who has never directed any film before. Despite the fact that having no movie on Rahim’s credit, the risk paid off exceptionally as the movie has set a new benchmark in the Pakistani Film industry.

Ali Zafar who has done a number of Bollywood movies including Tere Bin Laden, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Chashme Baddoor, London Paris Newyork and Kill Dill, he is debuted in the Pakistani Film for the first time. On the other hand, Maya Ali who has already made a mark through her acting in hit TV serials like Aik Naiyee Cinderella, Aun Zara, Diyar-e-Dil and Mann Mayal has never now shown her talent on the big screen so its her first Pakistani film too.

Ali Zafar is given a meatier part in the movie who carries the film all the way with his stellar performance. However, the supporting cast performed well. Mehmood Aslam has come back to the big screen after almost …. years performed outstandingly as a typical Punjabi Butt Sahab. Javed Shaikh fitted well in his character as Bonzo a multimillion dollar business tycoon based in Poland. Faysal Qureshi’s one liners will make the audience laugh out loud. Maya Ali’s acting is somewhat monotonous.

Teefa is a goon who does odd jobs for Butt Sahab. Bonzo’s daughter Anya (Maya Ali) is residing in Poland with his father and scheming step-mother(Fia). The problem starts when Bonzo forcefully wants to get her daughter married against her will who then plans to escape from her house. Teefa who flies to Poland from Lahore to kidnap Anya for Butt Sahab’s son after refusal of his proposal by Butt Sahab’s childhood friend Bonzo AKA Basheera. The trouble begins when Teefa brings Anya to Lahore.

A good portion of the movie is shot in the beautiful locales of Poland, while a song is picturized in Bangkok. The larger part of the movie is shot in Lahore. The script is finely knit, acting of each actor has depth, the attire is elegant, cinematography is brilliantly done and all the locations are pleasing. However, the second half of the movie is a bit dragged and mostly filled with action sequences. Nonetheless, the overall screenplay is captivating, entertaining, humorous and has suspense.

It is impressive to know that beside writing the script and acting in the movie, Ali Zafar has written, composed and sung some of the songs too. Each soundtrack is not only melodious but beautifully choreographed. The Non-Item number and Chan Ve are already hit on YouTube crossing 8 and 7 million hits (still counting). The dance performances of both lead actors are well choreographed in Non Item Number and Sajna Door. You would definitely want to add the soundtracks in your playlist.


Certainly, Ahsan Rahim has set the bar high to rise up to international standards. There are number of action sequences where the audience would feel as if they are watching a Bollywood movie. There is a sequence in Pakistani Train which would look like a European train from the inside. We wish to have such a train in Pakistan someday.

Well Teefa in Trouble is doing wonders on Box Office from day One. In its first three days the film has earned 7.2 crores in a non Holiday weekend which is a record breaking business for any Pakistani film.