Though the movie has reach its final stages and is going through the post-production phase there were a lot of mishaps that delayed the creation of this masterpiece. If you ask the Production crew, the first thing that they would mention is the female protagonist’s perfectionism. The model-turned-actress Iman Ali, gracing the silver screen after quite a gap, was very choosy when it came to things concerning her role or the set.


On one occasion, the shoot was halted for several hours as she refused to partake in it because her costume did not have the particular lace that she wanted. The matter was settled after much grueling of the production crew and God knows what it took for her to settle with a lace that was not of here liking!
Mah-e-Mir will be a comeback for Iman Ali after two years of being out of the silver screen. The Director Anjum shahzad decided to cast her for the portrayal Mehtab in Mah-e-Mir because of her stellar performance of the role of the courtesan in the 2011 movie “Bol”.