Raasta the movie is all set to release this march on big screens and cinemas all over Pakistan. However, the vital part of any movie’s success is music, which has already been released by Raasta. The grand music launch took place at Port Grand, Karachi. The happening was attended by a huge crowd as well as renowned names of showbiz. The music of the movie is wide ranging, incorporating lead vocalists of Pakistan like, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Nabeel Shaukat. The music is composed aesthetically by Saji Ali and Kamran Akhtar.

The concert based musical launch was glittered by a number of stars like, Esha Noor, Mathira, Naveed Raza, Aleena Khan, Jamshed Sabri and many others. However, the shiniest star of the night was undoubtedly, Sahir Lodhi. Sahir made his entrance on the stage during Aleena Khan’s 90’s bound performance. His entrance was on the most energetic song of the movie, ‘Raasta’ which is also the theme song. Sahir’s entire look exhibited power and strength with black as the primary color.

Sahir’s performance was divided into two segments, the former was an entry and performance on the movie’s theme song ‘Raasta’ and the latter part was on energetic mashup of the movie’s playlist including ‘Raasta’, ‘Pee Lay’, ‘Dil Faqeer’ and others. Sahir was joined by his female co-stars from the movie, Abeer Rizvi and Sana Fakhar. To sum up, it would be justified to say that Sahir with his performance stole every single heart out there with his performance and created an undeniable energy in the crowd making the night ever so memorable.


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