Udaari has not just been a drama serial but once-in-a-lifetime experience!! Fighting stigmas against so many of the issues plaguing our society, the storyline started beautifully and tackled one after another issue head on! Even after facing so many restrictions and negative criticism, the cast and crew worked tirelessly, the producers stayed true to their cause and accomplished their mission!!

The whole #Udaari team appreciates the audience for liking and loving such strong dramas produced by Hum Tv and Kashf Foundation and they would also like to thank whole media for their undeniable support   … #Udaari success is a proud moment for Pakistan and #PakistaniDramas

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Udaari, wasn’t just about the content though, admittedly the story was its main feature but it was so much more than that, the colourful sets, the village environment, the stellar cast, those dialogues and the perfect mix of village and urban life depiction. Udaari was one of its kind when it comes to drama serials. The main cast of Udaari featured Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz, Hina Altaf Khan as Zebo, Urwa Hocane as Meera, Bushra Ansari as Sheedan, Samiya Mumtaz as Sajida, Farhan Saeed as Arsh and Areesha Ahsan as young Zebo. It is co-produced by Momina Duraid of HUM TV, The Kashf Foundation and the Canadian Government.

The two Zebo's of #Udaari at #SpecialScreening of last episode. #StarlinksPr

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Udaari has come to a glorious end but has given its viewer’s so much in its short, much to our dismay, tenure. The society was given the performance of a lifetime by Ahsan Khan, where the innocent looking guy plays the role of a molester and a child abuser. Music was taken to a sonically enhanced next level. Some very life-changing lessons were given and we hope, many perceptions changed.

Pakistan and its media is changing so rapidly it’s a wonder!! The concepts that are emerging are akin to breakthroughs and although some of them are hard to accept for the masses, they are refreshing and addictive on their own!!

Must watch the Last Episode of Udaari this Sunday only on Hum TV and we are waiting anxiously for another hit project based on “Illegal Immigration” as announced by Momina Duraid – head of MD Productions at the Special Screening of Last Episode of Udaari. (Event organised by Starlinks Pr)

Best wishes to the team from Tweetistan!


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