Ever heard these lines? “And in that moment we were infinite,” from the book, “The Perks Of Being A Wall flower”
This song is the perfect depiction of it. The song starts at the scene where four friends are sitting in a car , heading toward the lake and there seems to be no worry in the world for them.
Dobara Phirse is the second venture if Mehreen Jabbar, and its amazing!!
To ensure that no stone was left unturned they’ve got a stellar cast on board! Hareem Farooq, Saman Saeed, Ali Kazmi and Adeel Husain are the drool worthy actors in this movie, the four friends, the happy content youngsters we all dream of becoming!!

The singers are Haniya Aslam and Ali Hamza, we couldn’t have ahad more gifted singers to bring magic to this song!! The song is a beautiful mixture of casual and light , it creates puts the listeners into a serene mood and long to be in that position! This song, scratch that, this movie is a MUST WATCH!!!