Momina Mustehsan, yes that beauty with a soulful voice who has a strange habit of being modest in the face of some epic series of successful endeavours. Momina Mustehsan the girl featuring in the dreams of the youth of Pakistan currently! Guys dream of her because she is definitely crush material and girls dream of her fro life goals!

AT Tweetistan we collected nine reasons that draw us towards this impressive girl, and, no her looks or voice aren’t mentioned here because we believe she is soo much more than that!!

1. Punctual: In an ideal world, every woman would be punctual but it’s not! Still Momina is one of those ideal women who are always on time!! She values her time and others too! Momina also expressed liking constructive conversations only!

We still can't get our eyes off from her 😍😍😍😍😍 seriously #AfreenAfreen #mominamustehsan

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2. She READS: To all those book nerds out there! This is definitely one of the most important reasons to admire this girl!!

This place has my heart ❤️

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3. DUAL degrees: Momina doesn’t believe in being stagnant! Even after graduating with a dual degree in degree in biochemical engineering and applied mathematics. She is currently enrolled in Industrial engineering, and dreams of making significant impact in her field!

Graduation portrait #StonyBrookUniversity #BachelorOfEngineering

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4. Loves CUPCAKES and CATS: She’s Cute and loves the feline! What, you tell us, is not to like! This also signifies the selfless personality she has! Add a sweet tooth to the equation and this is JUST PERFECT!!

Shakeel clearly wants out… 💔😢 #tb

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5. Inspired by the best: Momina is inspired by Ricky Marti and Aron Carter, the story and journey of Jojo, the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali khan, excellent choice!! Oh, and Momina also harbours a secret crush for Justin Beiber!!! Although she names it as plain admiration, but….

The girl who saved #AfreenAfreen 😄 #mominamustehsan #cokestudio

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6. Oh-So-Simple: Momina is the epitome simple, she doesn’t like shopping and keeps herself busy in order to accomplish her goals. She prefers to stay alone when low and is more of a loner, than a party Diva. She prefers the traditional attire when visiting Pakistan and goes for comfort dressing in the states!

7. Still tries to make herself better: Despite her success in the field of engineering and music, she didn’t stop, she still aims to make herself a better person and the world a better place for everybody else!!


8. That modesty: Through and through this girl has surprised us! And to top it all she is very modest!! That is seriously the cherry on top!! She has always been very forthright about herself and there isn’t an inch of her that feels entitled.


After reading these points, we’re sure, you’ll look at her in a new light!! Momina is more than a pretty face and a melodious voice!! She is all the things guys want in their crushes and girls want to be!! Stay same Momina!! We <3 you!!